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Environmental Compliance Audits

Benefit to Property Owner/Managers – Provides a plan to deter contamination of properties that could devalue the property.
Benefit to Business Owner/Property Tenant – Demonstrates a proactive plan to regulatory agencies, and provides you with a knowledgeable resource for handling incidents in a proper manner whenever needed.
Benefit to Business Lenders – Help to reduce risk over the life of the loan.

Successful environmental compliance does not only include compliance with applicable regulations, but also to develop new approaches to business operations to improve environmental performance and measurement.  By combining our experience in environmental management systems and Environmental compliance, our clients are able to capture competitive advantages such as lower unit costs or improved name recognition.

Compliance Audits

Certified Environmental Services (CES) has the experience and resources needed to provide comprehensive environmental, health and safety audit services.  Our personnel use the latest auditing tools that typically exceed the level of inspection currently conducted by regulatory agencies.

Certified Environmental Services CES - Compliance AuditsThe objective of a compliance audit is to work with facility personnel to map out all environmental, health and safety impacts, and compare the facility’s current operating condition against regulatory benchmarks. Certified Environmental Services (CES) provides in-depth compliance audits where the facility maintains ownership.




Waste Reduction and Management

Certified Environmental Services (CES) works closely with facility personnel to develop waste minimization and management programs to reduce costs and risks associated with waste handling, treatment, disposal, and proper waste profiling.

Certified Enviornmental Services CES - Waste ReductionIn addition to waste reduction programs, Certified Environmental Services (CES) can develop pollution prevention mechanisms that will reduce the fees associated with hazardous waste generation, show a reduction in the costs of process-related material, and improve hazardous waste management programs. Certified Environmental Services (CES) seeks full cooperation from management to labor in order to allow internal facility personnel to solve their own pollution problems.  Certified Environmental Services (CES) has the experience to support any small to mid-sized organization so they may avoid compliance issues similar to the one in the adjacent picture!